When visiting the Amazon rainforest you come across various Indigenous communities still connected to their tradition. They live deep inside the jungle, sometimes days away from any city, where they maintain their harmony with Mother Nature's rhythm of life in devotion to their ancestral knowledge.

In Mother Nature's school, Time is not a factor - the hour of the day replaced by the position of the sun and one's "age" replaced by one's maturity. It isn't "time for lunch" nor "time to meet for coffee", nor is it "time to go to college" or even "time to settle down and build a family". Time is a mad concept invented in the West. It is there replaced by a feeling and a deeper knowledge of self: you know when it's time to do something. The community knows. Spirit knows. Source knows.

Over the past few years I have been visiting the rainforest of Brazil, returning every year to the village of Novo Futuro in the state of Acre. It takes about four days to reach there by boat, and once you're there you know in every cell of your body that you're far away from any place you've known thus far. You've reached the supreme school of life and consciousness, and the seed of light plants itself inside your heart, ready to shine.


Here is a selection of pictures taken over my few visits since 2017 with the Huni Kuin people of Brazil - courageous warriors, sweet friends, humble students, powerful teachers and beloved guardians of the Earth.

Their motto for life is "Só Alegria" -  Only Joy. This doesn't mean that anything opposing Joy is not encouraged, since darkness is met on a constant basis within one's psyche, but it rather emphasizes their approach to the cleansing and healing of the soul - that is through the celebration of life. 

Playing music, dancing, singing, chanting and laughing are all a great part of the Huni Kuin daily life, in raw contact with Nature and Source.