Memento Mori

A story shot with the Fuya Studios and published in RAW magazine.

We created a new story combining the famous and powerful composition of the Last Supper with various elements from the Vanitas art genre, which described the passing of Time and the Nothingness of the human existence.

Different icons such as fire struggling to survive at the tip of the candle, overripe fruits and insects resting over withering flowers symbolise that time has no mercy for the human kind and that life is transitory.
We wonder whether these symbols remain of deep significance nowadays or are perhaps merely aesthetic yet empty of meaning in their modern daily use.

In the end of the day, for as much as we know, each supper can be our last.

Memento Mori


Unborn Venus

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Nine Lunar Cycles


Art Direction: Roni Kadesh (the Fuya Studios)

Hair and Make up: Inbal Margalit

Model: Val Yossi

Photography Assistance: Ofek Avshalom

Published: RAW magazine, October 2019