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Born in the Middle East with South American parents and raised in Europe. 
Wandering often around the world since many years, I am a traveler and a photographer.

An observer and a storyteller.

Having grown up inside a life grid

programmed by movement,

I have always seeked to gently explore, learn and capture Earth's diversity and beauty

through all its beings and places.


I love art under all forms of expression,

but already at the age of 11 it was

photography in particular which had  conquered my heart for good.

I see it as a game of composition whilst playing with light and shadow, enabling emotions of different kinds to arise from the simple act of freezing a moment in time.

So practical and yet so magical.

Being one of many reflections of life itself and its imagination - I absolutely enjoy creating through this medium.


Currently based in the Carmel, IL.

Available worldwide.

For bookings and/or inquiries, contact me and

I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

(kindly include subject in the mail)

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