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Nine Lunar Cycles consecrated by the Creatrix.
An ongoing project partially published in the Warriors Within Collective magazine.

Created through the double X chromosome, we are Womb Carriers by default, blessed with the sacred ability to create new life from scratch. Whether we are physically able to, or chose to perform that ability - that's a different story - but the divine fact is that we are designed with that capability and our bodies carry that energetic memory of Godly creation. Even in the scenario where we no longer carry a physical womb - we continue to carry its power and mysterious wisdom.

Here is an exploration and celebration of the XX body amidst the precious process of Creation.

Unborn Venus



Netflix n' Chill

Nine Lunar Cycles


Creatrixes: Adi Zalinger Feig, Shlomit Avishai, Noa Lembersky, Liela Or, Romina Ibaniez.

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